The New and Improved: Harry Styles

Harry Edward Styles is a singer and songwriter, originally born in Redditch, United Kingdom. He rose to fame when he auditioned for the X Factor and was put into a group called: One Direction. You’ve probably heard of this widely known group, since they ended up to be pretty successful. One Direction grew as a band since 2010, being one of the most famous bands of all time. They started to go downhill when one of the members, Zayn Malik, decided to leave the band. Since then, One Direction has never been the same. All of the members decided to go on their own paths, where the majority of them decided to pursue a solo career. Harry Styles was one of them, and has recently put out his new album named: Harry Styles. From what we have seen so far, his career is nowhere close from ending. Harry’s self-titled album was released on Friday, May 12, 2017. It contains 10 original tracks, and sounds completely different from anything that he has created before. Personally, I am in love with his n…

Terror in Manchester

22 deaths. 59 injured. Beautiful lives were taken away during a harrowing event at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester; a CHILDREN’s show. On Monday, May 22, 10:33 pm a bomb was set off shortly after the concert ended, killing numerous innocent people; including children. Authorities believe that this was both a suicide and terrorist attack, and have identified the name of the person that detonated the explosive: Salman Abedi. Investigators are currently inspecting whether this monster had any support in carrying out this attack or was acting alone. ISIS has also claimed responsibility for this tragedy. The bomb was set off between Manchester Arena and the Victoria Train Station, specifically to attack those that were leaving the concert. This fun event had attracted thousands of children and teenagers (where the arena held about 21,000 seatings), in which all of them were trying to flee home after the concert ended. Those who died include an 18-year-old student and an 8-year-old g…

How My Addiction Came to a Start

Perfectly can I remember six year old Andrea, about to stand in front of the whole entire school, and sing in front of a crowd for the first time in her entire life. With my two pigtails and little green dress, I had built up the courage to embark a new adventure and pursue a passion that still lasts to this day. I have been passionate about music ever since I could remember. All that I have ever wanted to do is sing and dance all day long. Ask my parents, ask my brother, ask my friends, ask everyone; they will all tell you the same thing: all I ever think about is music, music, music. You can catch me singing in the car, in the shower, in the supermarket, in school, in space, and all the places that you can imagine! People that really know me usually tell me to shut up all the time.
However, you may be wondering: Andrea, what are the reasons behind this overly obsession? What is so great about this thing called music? To my way of thinking, music can be great in so many levels. Music…