How My Addiction Came to a Start

Perfectly can I remember six year old Andrea, about to stand in front of the whole entire school, and sing in front of a crowd for the first time in her entire life. With my two pigtails and little green dress, I had built up the courage to embark a new adventure and pursue a passion that still lasts to this day. I have been passionate about music ever since I could remember. All that I have ever wanted to do is sing and dance all day long. Ask my parents, ask my brother, ask my friends, ask everyone; they will all tell you the same thing: all I ever think about is music, music, music. You can catch me singing in the car, in the shower, in the supermarket, in school, in space, and all the places that you can imagine! People that really know me usually tell me to shut up all the time.

However, you may be wondering: Andrea, what are the reasons behind this overly obsession? What is so great about this thing called music? To my way of thinking, music can be great in so many levels. Music lets people express anything their hearts desire; it lets people escape from everything they fear; it adds color and life to this boring world; it can act like a friend when it feels like nobody else is; it can be therapeutic; it can inspire and amuse people to do things they never thought they could do. Music has enough power to change the whole entire world, and more! The best part is, it connects with people no matter what race or religion they may posses. Music comes in so many different genres and it can fit to anyone's likings.

As mentioned before, I discovered music when I was really little. It all started that day when I first decided to stand in front of a huge crowd and sing. I utterly fell in love with the feeling of performing and wholly became obsessed. My mom then introduced me to the idea of joining a singing academy (named Alicia Puccio) and I immediately agreed. Alicia Puccio gave me multiple opportunities to perform in diverse settings. I got to sing in numerous recitals and talent shows; got to record two music demos with different music producers; got to sing and compete in various television shows; got to record a lot of different songs in a studio (one of them being with other known artists which played on the radio); got to record commercials for different companies (such as Hasbro); got to meet the best people that I have met in my life, and so much more. I was part of this academy for 9 years of my life, and I can’t be any more grateful for everything they have done for me.
This lead me to discover other parts of music, such as dance and musical theater. I remember growing up watching broadway shows with my grandparents in New York City, and imagining myself performing. Everything about these shows: the dancing, the music, the singing, just filled me with so much joy and happiness that I would cry when it was over. I wanted more; I needed more. I then joined a dance academy called Angel Torrez which I was part of for 7 years. I danced several types of genres, such as hip hop, contemporary dance, and jazz. Gaining knowledge about singing and dancing, I also looked into acting. I was part of several musicals which were an extremely fun experience.

Now that you have learned a bit about my love for music and some of my experiences, I would love to hear yours! Leave in the comment section below explaining what has music done to you? How has it impacted your life? I’m very curious. I will be uploading more posts soon, so make sure to visit back soon!


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