Terror in Manchester

22 deaths. 59 injured. Beautiful lives were taken away during a harrowing event at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester; a CHILDREN’s show. On Monday, May 22, 10:33 pm a bomb was set off shortly after the concert ended, killing numerous innocent people; including children. Authorities believe that this was both a suicide and terrorist attack, and have identified the name of the person that detonated the explosive: Salman Abedi. Investigators are currently inspecting whether this monster had any support in carrying out this attack or was acting alone. ISIS has also claimed responsibility for this tragedy. The bomb was set off between Manchester Arena and the Victoria Train Station, specifically to attack those that were leaving the concert. This fun event had attracted thousands of children and teenagers (where the arena held about 21,000 seatings), in which all of them were trying to flee home after the concert ended. Those who died include an 18-year-old student and an 8-year-old girl.
Hearing about this sickening occurrence truly breaks my heart. A concert is suppose to be a safe place where one can enjoy the art of music. Where one can let loose, and forget about all of your troubles, and to simply enjoy life. Unfortunately, this attack ravaged the concept of concerts for numerous amounts of people, and left many traumatized and disturbed. I can’t imagine the feeling of those affected parents, that has lost their children in this horrible event. They sent out their children to be favored by this beautiful thing called music, but instead they are left with the horrid memory of their children screaming in terror. Some parents don’t even know where their children are; they don’t know whether they are held at a hospital, whether their lost in the streets; or whether they’re dead. Truly repugnant, outrageous, and disgraceful.
My heart goes to all of the families affected by this repulsive occasion. My heart also goes to one of my ultimate idols: Ariana Grande. Her talent will shine through all of this hate and loathe, hopefully making a powerful return. I hope she knows that this was not her fault, and that these kinds of happenings are very hard to avoid. I also hope that people understand what Ariana is going through, and respect her decision on possibly canceling her worldwide tour.

These kinds of events is just further proof that we need more love in this world. I wish for people to take in all of these horrid and violent occurrences that have been happening lately, and understand that this needs to stop. Let’s make this place the best it can be, and stop all of this hate. Start out small, by simply carrying out little acts of kindness as saying hi to your neighbor, or saying thank you to the person who holds the door for you. This world needs more love, and the change starts with you.


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