The New and Improved: Harry Styles

Harry Edward Styles is a singer and songwriter, originally born in Redditch, United Kingdom. He rose to fame when he auditioned for the X Factor and was put into a group called: One Direction. You’ve probably heard of this widely known group, since they ended up to be pretty successful. One Direction grew as a band since 2010, being one of the most famous bands of all time. They started to go downhill when one of the members, Zayn Malik, decided to leave the band. Since then, One Direction has never been the same. All of the members decided to go on their own paths, where the majority of them decided to pursue a solo career. Harry Styles was one of them, and has recently put out his new album named: Harry Styles. From what we have seen so far, his career is nowhere close from ending.
Album Cover
 Harry’s self-titled album was released on Friday, May 12, 2017. It contains 10 original tracks, and sounds completely different from anything that he has created before. Personally, I am in love with his new sound. It’s so different from everything else, which makes his music so much more interesting than anything on the radio. His music nowadays contains influence of the genre rock, rather than pop. I honestly think that he has been a rockstar all along, but wasn’t able to show it being part of One Direction: a pop band. I’m so happy that he had the courage to go on his own, and create something that you can see that he really enjoys. You could really see it in Harry’s face that he’s completely comfortable of his new look, new sound, and overall new Harry Styles.

My favorite tracks off the album include “Sweet Creature” and “Kiwi”. They both sound so different, but both are beautiful in their own way! The track “Sweet Creature” is simply made out of an acoustic guitar and his vocals. I love hearing the strumming of the strings mixed with his beautiful vocals and a subtle harmony behind the main melody. All of this mixed together makes a very beautiful and calming sound and overall a wonderful song. On the other hand, the track “Kiwi” is much more rock and roll. Everytime I hear it I feel like I’m at a rock concert back in the 1970s. This song contains lots of the electric guitar, heavy drums, and Harry’s screams in the background. It’s so unique from everything else and I become more obsessed the more I hear it.
Overall, I’m in love with his new album. It’s different, unique, creative, and a total masterpiece. I was a big fan back when he was part of One Direction, but hearing a totally different side of him just makes me fall in love with him even more. He has made a bold and brave statement with his music that completely changes his image as an artist, and leaves an open road for whatever he has planed to create next.
 However, there are many different opinions of his new album. Since it’s so different from all of his old music, a lot of people are not a big fan of his new music. I would love to hear your opinions on the album, and what you guys are hoping to hear from him next. Leave them down on the comments below!


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